A new milk package TM “Riki Tiki”

Client: Fozzy Group
PROJECT: A new milk package TM "Riki Tiki"

Milk for children should be not only tasty, useful and vitaminized, but also bright, cheerful and modern. This is what Liberty advertising agency solved by creating a new packaging of branded baby milk for the Fozzy Group.

In the portfolio of Fozzy Group, the new product replenished the children’s products line under the brand “Riki Tiki”. Merry corporate brand-hero mongoose Riki Tiki is known all of us from the legendary Kipling tales. In the Fozzy Group, he also serves people – “Riki Tiki” has united a number of useful products “Premium” production.

This time, cheerful mongoose presented to customers sterilized vitamin milk for children from 9 months.

The feature of the new packaging was the presence an interactive part – on the right side of the box there are milk cocktails recipes and a graphic drawing lesson.

Milk “Riki Tiki” – to be as fun, strong and smart as the legendary mongoose.

A new milk package TM “Riki Tiki” A new milk package TM “Riki Tiki”