Commercial video for TM Kamchadal

Client: TM Kamchadal
PROJECT: Commercial video for TM Kamchadal

One day we offered a script that reflected the philosophy and positioning of TM Kamchadal and won a tender for the creation of a commercial video.

The main task for our team was to emphasize the traditionality and immutability of the product manufacturing recipe. And also to show the advertised product as nice and appetizing .

We used film 35 mm to produce the video. This allowed us maximally transfer the invoice of the caviar itself. We used the real caviar, although it added the trouble to the foodstylists, but pleased the director and the whole crew. Not every day on the film sets you will see 20 kg. red caviar of high quality. And when will it be possible to taste it with a large spoon directly from the tub?

Following the plot of the video, we transfer to Kamchatka, where Kamchadali has been producing red caviar for hundreds of years. In a clean and tidy production facility, an experienced technologist passes his secrets of the production high-quality caviar to a young specialist.

Over the project worked:

Director: Alexey Shaparev
Operator: Vladimir Shklyarevsky
Lighting Designer: Sergei Banderas
Producer of the project: Taras Bosak
Brand manager: Irina Primak