Creating brand “12-30”

Creating a brand is always difficult and interesting task. Especially if it is such a delicate category as restoring of sexual functions.

Insatiques here are always bordered by the fears of the Target Audience. And, although the product solves consumer problems, it is high risk to accidentally click on the pain point and cause a sense of shame and rejection.

At the request of the international company Vostokfarmsoyuz, we needed to create a brand and all the communication materials for the drug to improve the sexual function of men created on the basis of the ancient Tibetan recipe.

NAMING “12-30”

The people say to the impotent – “he’s always at half past six.” Sorry and intolerant. A stable solution to this problem will be the permutation of the clock arrows for 12-30. The name “12-30” in no way compromises the consumer in the pharmacy, only those who are in the subject know about it and, most importantly, inspire faith in the product and an alternative to powerlessness.


Corporate style – fully consistent with the spirit of the product. After all, the drug is based on the recipes of Oriental medicine – it uses only ancient natural folk remedies. Once such a recipe was secretly created by Tibetan physicians for the Chinese emperor. After the fall of the empire, the recipe for a long time was considered lost, while a happy casual discovery did not turn it back into the world.

The logo idea is stylization of the hieroglyph “FU” – 福 a symbol of health and prosperity.

Packaging of the drug was made individualy – like an oriental box.

The site “12-30” was created as a resource for promoting the brand and, at the same time, as an online sales tool.


The commercial video of the TM “12-30” was  developed with stopmotion technology. The agency carried out the whole cycle of production-postproduction procesess.