Promo videos for DraconiusGo game about practical effects technology

The video is shot in a real environment, and most effects are created on the set. Practical effects add a sense of reality to scenes and speed up the post-production process.

Day of shooting a promotional video for the game DraconiusGo
Day of shooting a promo video for the game DraconiusGo

At the preparation stage, we developed realistic models of game characters that replaced their 3D simulation.

This way we wanted to emphasize the fine line between virtuality and the real world in the game DraconiusGo.

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CEO: Nikolay Ryzhenko
Producer: Anna Matsotska
Director: Sergey Chebotarenko
DOP: YuriyKorol
Cast: Nikita Vakuliuk, Anna Yarmak
Model Making: Mutabor Practical Effects
Portals/Dragon: Gloria FX
Compositing Artist: Igor Shvydko
Editor: Sergey Vilchinskiy
Gaffer: Timofey Gerashenko
Grip: Anushirovan Akhtarniya
Electric, light: Ilya Kondraev
Crane: Filmotechik
Makeup: AlinaOleynik
Style: DmitriyBondar, Vladimir Mamunia
Focus Puller: Nikita Khatsarevich
Colorist: Dmitry Vasylenko