Video for frozen fresh vegetables TM «Green Card»

Client: Trading house «Agrohold - Logistics and warehouse», agency «Milk Creative Services»
PROJECT: Video for freshly frozen fresh vegetables TM «Green Card»

TM “Green Card” positions its product as high-quality, delicious, easy to cook and saves useful materials during processing. The main task for our agency was not only transfer all these qualities of goods, but also to allocate them on the market among competitors.

The choice of the client stopped on the version of the agency “Milk” – “Addressing the main expert and the tasters – the stomach”. The idea was to create a graphic representation of the stomach’s reaction to food, namely the image of a sad and cheerful smiley. The simplicity of genius: harmful product – sad smile, vegetables Green Card TM – cheerful.

Of course, we used the colors of the trademark – different shades of green. Consumer associated this color with health, environmentally friendly ingredients, resolution, nature and the right choice.

So, the alliance “Milk Creative Services” and “Liberty Communications” worked well and creatively, and the result speaks for itself.